Removing graffiti from a surface

Graffiti, sometimes people deem it art, sometimes we question how they even reach such a place, but one of the main questions is how do you get rid of it? Graffiti is a type of vandalism to many property owners – the offenders damage their buildings by leaving behind spray painted imagery, which is impossible to remove with basic washing method.

What is the method of soda blasting and what are its advantages?

There are multiple available options when it comes to the cleaning of brickwork and many people instantly mention sandblasting methods, but not that of soda blasting. Although sandblasting makes you believe only sand is used, sometimes this product is replaced with other materials– however soda blasting faithfully only ever involves baking soda. ​

How to remove and replace a brick

Not only are cracked bricks and mortar joints bad for aesthetics, but also for your home. Damaged or cracked bricks will provoke damp and consequently mould issues within your home, urging you to replace them as soon as possible. As found in our last article, cracked bricks let water and moisture in, thus causing damp problems (find out more here). Cold, unwelcoming and dreary; damp issues make your house feel less like home. Cracked bricks don’t just let water and mould in, but also pests and insects if they’re wide enough! Once you discover a crack in your bricks, we strongly urge you to call a professional. However, you’re feeling brave enough and acquire the tools, we have devised together a guide to removing and replacing your bricks. If you’ve got what it takes, keep on reading.

What is lintel deterioration and how do I manage it?​

You may have not heard of lintel. Most people haven’t. At SA & SJ Brick Restoration, we want to educate you on what lintel is and the dangers that is has when damaged. Though durable and strong, lintel won’t last forever and deteriorates over time – a reason that we believe all homeowners should be aware of lintel. Knowing exactly what lintel is and how to detect its deterioration will prevent worse problems later. SA & SJ Brick Restoration aims to inform all of the consequences of lintel, and the ways in which we can help.​

How to remove rust stains or cement and mortar smears from bricks

Does a blanket of dirt mask your house exterior? Rust stains, soil specks and cement smears… the bricks holding up your house are tainted with years of car fumes, harsh weather and neglect. Is your house stained with pollution? In this day – yes, most likely. If your bricks that used to gleam an orangey-brown in the sun seem darkened and blacker, pollution may have had an influence and action should be taken. For a truly thorough, undamaging clean, use a professional brick cleaning company. With our professionals at SA & SJ Brick Restoration, traces of the world’s corruption will be washed away and your home’s original beauty will be unearthed. However, if you would like to try out a method at home before contacting our professionals, we have devised a step-by-step guide revealing our top tips for a clean house exterior.