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Traffic pollution. Harsh weather. We might not be able to be fully rid of these global problems, but there are ways of dealing with the effects that they have. These pollutants, alongside moss and algae, can cause your homes or business in Balham to look filthy. An unclean, dirty exterior of a house isn’t welcoming to visitors or customers, and will not help when trying to sell your property. You might attempt to clean your bricks yourself – but as an inexperienced worker, this can be damaging to your home’s brickwork. Instead of risking damage, and consequently, additional costs, choose our professional brick cleaning service in Balham. Our team at SA & SJ Brick Restoration in Balham will be able to resolve any messy brick situation, using the best technique and brilliant equipment – leaving the outside of your home looking spotless.


Our services in Balham opt for an environmentally friendly soda-blasting solution, which can be used for wet or dry cleaning. It's also low pressure and acid free. Your bricks are therefore cleaned delicately without any damage – unlike many other brick cleaning method. Using a DIY method of cleaning will cause damage or deterioration to brickwork, leading to crumbling and chipping, and troubles regarding dampness. Hiring a professional brick cleaning company such as SA & SJ Brick Restoration promises a clean house exterior, without any damage or additional cost.

How is brick cleaning achieved with SA & SJ in Balham?​

Why use brick cleaning services in Balham?​

A spotless, cleaned home is welcoming for visitors – even from the outside. Upon visiting a house, your first sight is its exterior. Maintaining your home’s cleanliness is difficult in a world of pollution; hiring a professional brick cleaning company reveals the true beauty that your house has always encompassed – let the true grace of your home stand out!

Struggling to sell your house? Surprised at the amount it’s been valued at? Clean bricks are an asset to your home or business – not only may it help in selling, but will add value to your property

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A soda-blast solution is an environmentally friendly technique that has proved most effective for our customers – a gentle, economic way of thoroughly getting rid of grime and dirt that lies on your bricks.


Unlike other cleaning methods, no pre-cleaning is required. This heavenly solution is quick, non-flammable and is known to produce outstanding results.