Brick cleaning in Croydon

Brick cleaning Croydon

SA & SJ Brick Restoration can provide home and business owners in Croydon, with a leading team of brick-cleaning professionals. Our certified cleaners specialise in the removal of stains and graffiti on brickwork or steel – using soda-blasting technologies. We effectively clean buildings and structures without damaging the material – ensuring that all that’s left after completion is pristine beauty making it appear like the property has been newly built.


We understand that brickworks’ quality deteriorates over long periods of time due to weathering and constant physical corrosion - that is why SA & SJ brick Restoration exists to revive withered brickwork for Croydon citizens. By further maintaining your brickwork through use of our brick pointing options, we can ensure that your building is protected long term – as such a method will enable the bricks to retain its colour. 


How do we clean bricks at SA & SJ in Croydon?​

Why use our brick cleaning service?

Our brick restoration team takes pride in all projects they do as we know that your home or business is one of the biggest investments ever made during your lifetime and keeping the property feeling like home is important to you and too us. Whether your brickwork is just getting old or has suffered from graffiti vandalism – our brick cleaning expertise will always resolve the problem quickly yet effectively

 We actively ensure our methods of cleaning are deemed environmentally friendly; this is so that we can benefit both you and the area you live in. if you’re seeking help in regards to restoring your property’s appearance then you won’t find a more dependable team in Croydon other than SA & SJ Brick Restoration.

Is pollution and dirt hiding your home’s potential? Let it’s beauty be seen and admired with SA & SJ Brick Restoration. For a thorough, safe clean, call us on 07947473542 or email us at today.

At SA & SJ, our brick-cleaning specialists in Croydon use an environmentally friendly soda blasting solution, proved to be most effective for our customers due to its gentle and economic way of eradicating grime, graffiti and dirt. Being the most thorough yet safest way to clean your bricks, SA & SJ Brick Restoration strongly recommends a soda blast solution over any other method to avoid damage to your bricks – and therefore more expenses.


Unlike other cleaning methods, no pre-cleaning is required. This friendly solution is quick, non-flammable and is known to produce outstanding results.

With many positive testimonials to support our hard work ethic we can offer you a highly, reputable company to take care of your brick cleaning requests. Get your grand achievement looking brand new again and let us carry out all the work needed to do so.