Brick cleaning in Richmond

Brick Cleaning Richmond

Is your house exterior’s beauty concealed with dirt of the world’s corruption? Tainted with moss, mould and algae, your bricks are poisoned with years of car fumes, harsh weather and neglect. Pollutants mask the charm that your house used to carry, looking old and blackened. For a complete clean of your bricks, choose SA & SJ Brick Restoration. Your bricks will be the orangey-brown colour they used to be, gleaming in the sun. Our professional brick cleaners at SA & SJ Brick Restoration remove all traces of the world’s corruption in homes across Richmond, unearthing they’re original grace and beauty.


At SA & SJ Brick Restoration, our team only uses the best. With us, you’re choosing an environmentally friendly and undamaging clean. We use an ecological soda-blasting solution to ensure the most thorough clean that doesn’t corrode your bricks. This wonderful elixir is low pressure and acid-free. Our professionals are strongly recommended over DIY methods of brick cleaning, in which such methods could lead to brick deterioration. Many of those who have attempted cleaning bricks themselves have called us in need of brick repairs, as their bricks have crumbled, chipped and become damp. Don’t risk the consequences that DIY methods bring; choose our professionals at SA & SJ Brick Restoration in Richmond for an intensive yet gentle clean.

How do we clean bricks at SA & SJ in the Richmond area?​

Why use a brick cleaning service?

In Richmond, first impressions count. When visitors pull up your driveway, what will they think? Are your bricks dark and stained? If so, consider making a worthwhile investment in our professional brick cleaning services. Chances are, in today’s environment, your bricks are dirty. Being the first sight when visiting, your house will have a lasting impact on your guest’s mind. Make this impact a good one by choosing our professionals in Richmond.

Struggling to sell your house? Surprised at the amount it’s been valued at? Clean bricks are an asset to your home or business – not only may it help in selling, but will add value to your property in Richmond.

Is pollution and dirt hiding your home’s potential? Let it’s beauty be seen and admired with SA & SJ Brick Restoration. For a thorough, safe clean, call us on 07947473542 or email us at today.

At SA & SJ, our brick-cleaning specialists in Richmond use an environmentally friendly soda blasting solution, proved to be most effective for our customers due to its gentle and economic yet thorough and meticulous way of getting rid of grime and dirt. Being the most thorough yet safest way to clean your bricks, SA & SJ Brick Restoration strongly recommends a soda blast solution over any other method to avoid damage to your bricks – and therefore more expenses.


Unlike other cleaning methods, no pre-cleaning is required. This heavenly solution is quick, non-flammable and is known to produce outstanding results.

Not only do DIY methods have damaging consequences, but also require time, effort and specific equipment. Our professionals acquire the time, effort, equipment and knowledge to clean your bricks in the safest, most undamaging possible way. Save time and big expenses when bad outcomes happen by using our experts at SA & SJ Brick Restoration.