Brick cleaning in Tooting

Our brick cleaning services in Tooting​

Upon arriving at your driveway, does your house exterior look clean? Are your bricks the colour that they were when you brought them? The answer is most likely no. The pollutants of today’s world have feasibly stained your brick walls. Your property struggles daily against harsh weather, traffic pollution, moss and algae – leading to a building that looks old and dirty. The grime of modern day pollutants conceals your home or businesses original beauty. Your bricks that used to be orangey-brown are now grey. But this doesn’t have to be the case. By using our professional brick cleaning services at SA & SJ Brick Restoration in Tooting, all traces of the world’s corruptions will be removed – thus, unearthing your home’s original grace and beauty.


Our knowledgeable team at SA & SJ Brick Restoration in Tooting use the best techniques and equipment most suitable for a thorough clean of your walls. When you opt for a professional cleaning service in Tooting, the risk of atmospheric and structural damage to your property is reduced. Not only do we use an environmentally friendly soda-blasting solution for wet and dry cleaning, we can also guarantee that your home or business will maintain its original appearance, colour and intricate architectural detail. DIY methods of cleaning your bricks can work – but also can be risky. As opposed to attempting a brick clean at home, a professional cleaning service such as SA & SJ Brick Restoration use a low pressure, acid-free soda-blasting solution that will clean your bricks both scrupulously and delicately.​

How is brick cleaning achieved with SA & SJ in Tooting?​

Why use brick cleaning services in Tooting?​

Using a DIY method requires time, effort and risk taking – why risk damage and consequently more expenses when you can use professionals? The exterior of your building will impart a lasting impact on a visitor’s mind – making it a good one is important. Your house or business exterior will look spotless - even from the outside, your home or business should be a welcoming to guests and potential clients.

Maintaining your home’s cleanliness may be difficult in a world of pollution – but hiring a professional brick cleaning company will reveal the true beauty that the pollution of the world has been hiding.

​At SA & SJ, our brick-cleaning specialists use an environmentally friendly soda blasting solution, proved to be most effective for our customers due to its gentle and economic yet thorough and meticulous way of getting rid of grime and dirt.


Unlike other cleaning methods, no pre-cleaning is required. This heavenly solution is quick, non-flammable and is known to produce outstanding results.

Struggling to sell your house? Surprised at the amount it’s been valued at? Clean bricks are an asset to your home or business – not only may it help in selling, but will add value to your property. The return on investment is quite evident as an increased resale value.

Is your home’s exterior welcoming to its visitors? If you’re based in Tooting and need help with cleaning your bricks, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07947473542, or drop an email to We are more than happy to help.