What Are The Benefits Of Brick Cleaning In London?

Brick cleaning will give visitors to your home or business a great first impression, with no hard work from you.

If you are looking at selling or renting your property brick cleaning will become a restored asset to your home or business, adding value to the property.

Our latest cleaning technology equipment will transform your property to its former glory, giving you a home or business you will enjoy looking at.

Soda blast Brick Cleaning in London

Soda blast brick cleaning is better than sand and grit blasting brick cleaning because the soda blast particles remove the contaminants when the particles ‘explode’ on impact and the energy released gently cleans the  brick work or surface. Soda blast brick cleaning in London causes no damage to the brickwork or the property as a whole. Soda blasting brick cleaning provides a greater flexibility, speed and quality of finish that is only available through soda blasting brick cleaning.


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First impressions count and with the appearance of buildings suffering from modern day pollutants such as harsh weather, traffic pollution, general neglect, moss and algae your home or business can quickly look old or dirty. Blackened buildings with a dirty appearance have their beauty taken but our brick cleaning service in London and surrounding areas can resolve this situation.


When you opt for a regular and professional brick cleaning service in London and surrounding areas you will not only reduce the risk of atmospheric and structural damage but you will also be maintaining the original appearance, colour and intricate architectural detail of the building or business.


There are several ways that brick cleaning in London can be completed, here at SA & SJ Brick Restoration we opt for the environmentally friendly soda-blasting solution as this can be completed through wet or dry cleaning, it’s low pressure and very delicate with no acid, so no damaged is caused to the brick work or the property itself. 

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