Brick Pointing in Hampstead London

Our Brick Pointing services in Hampstead London

Many homeowners across Hampstead are calling in our bricking pointing specialists to enhance the water resistance and energy performance of their bricks and mortar. Our brick pointing, brick pointing preparation, and lime mortar services allows for your home to retain its natural beauty through brickwork and stonework.


We only use the best products and our team can use a water-repellent cream to protect your masonry for an additional cost; this is deeply penetrating and therefore works hard on your masonry. Instead of blocking the pores in the masonry materials it lines the pores, therefore, preventing rain penetration into the masonry materials. Due to the fact we are not blocking the pores but instead just blocking them, it means the masonry is allowed to continue breathing naturally - with other waterproof paints or waterproof coatings this is not possible. Our specialist brick pointing cream allows your masonry to retain its natural finish and is well suited for the application to any brickwork or stonework in Hampstead, and surrounding areas.


We will remove all mortar using special vacuums so there is no dust. We will do this by raking out joints carefully, ensuring we do not damage any bricks or stone. We use a specialist angle grinder to ensure we do not widen the joint and we use our dust free kit to ensure there is not dust throughout the brick pointing project.


We then create a recess for the brick re-pointing; this is done by firstly forming a neat recess that is no less than twice the thickness of the joint and by using diamond blades in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm does this but the mortar ratio will be dependent on your type of bricks or stone so we can match it.


Our team of brick pointers in Hampstead use an advanced eco-friendly cleaning technology. Through the use of microstrips, we replace the need for chemical cleaning, paint stripping and even traditional blasting techniques that have been proven to be too aggressive or restrictive in many cases.  Our skilled workforce of re-pointers in Hampstead can apply unique tools and styles to remove the old mortar from the bricks. Our repointing services in Hampste are highly affordable and reliable for our clients.


Microstrip provides a greater flexibility and quality of finish; it has been designed for dry or wet blasting operations and can be used with a variety of fine abrasives such as Armex soda or Archifine. We are basically offering to blast, but with a gentler touch.


We also specialise in Brick Cleaning and Paint Removal for all of those pesky inconveniences.


Call us now to see how we can help with your brick repointing or any other of your and needs in Hampstead.