Brick Repointing Dulwich

Brick repointing in Dulwich

Is your brickwork beginning to look weathered and decayed? Not only is this bad for the appearance of your home, but also can cause long-term damage. Our brick-pointing specialists in Dulwich are willing to help. Gaps between your brickwork let in water, causing freezing or thawing and damp problems. Our specialists in Dulwich enhance the water resistance and energy performance of your bricks and mortars, giving your home back the natural beauty that it has always encompassed.


We provide a water-repellent cream for protection of your masonry. Being a deeply penetrating substance, our team of experts recommend such a cream due to its hard-working durability on your masonry. It lines your pores as opposed to blocking them, for the prevention of rain penetration into your masonry materials. SA & SJ Brick Restoration guarantees a water repellent cream that allows your bricks to breathe naturally compared to other waterproof paints or waterproof coatings. This professional cream recommended by experts accommodates to the application of any brickwork or stonework, leaving your home’s brickwork retaining its natural finish and beauty.


Using a specialist brick company ensures that your bricks will be repointed thoroughly but gently, with no risk of damage. Motors are removed using special vacuums that prevent dust and ensure no damage. A recess is created next for brick re-pointing, achieved by forming a neat recess that isn’t less than twice the thickness of the joint. Such will be completed using diamond blames in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm – or dependant on your type of bricks.


Our brick-pointing specialists in Dulwich use advanced eco-friendly cleaning technology. Replacing the need for chemical cleaning, paint stripping and traditional blasting techniques that have been proven too aggressive or restrictive in many cases, we use micro strips. Micro strips provide a greater flexibility and quality of finish, having been designed for dry or wet blasting operations for a variety of fine abrasives such as Armex soda or Archifine. You will receive the same high quality results of blasting, but with a gentler touch. Our skilled team in Dulwich applies unique tools and styles, removing old mortar from your bricks.


Is your brickwork looking old? Our affordable, high quality services in Dulwich guarantees a beautifully repointed home. Call us to see the way in which we can help on 07947473542.