Removing graffiti from brick​

​Before you call a brick cleaning company, you might be able to de-vandalise your property yourself. Using the right tools might save you money in the long run – however, if the following tips don’t help, a professional services may be your best option.

If using chemicals, put on safety goggles, a face mask and work gloves to avoid coming into contact with the stripper chemicals or fumes.

Begin with a general low-pressure spray pattern, holding the nozzle about 24 inches from the surface – test the cleaning power on part of the graffiti.

Move the nozzle closer to the surface until the graffiti starts to fade away.

If additional cleaning power is needed, switch to a general high-pressure spray pattern – but take caution to not damage the underlying surface.

On surfaces such as brick, a turbo nozzle can make removing graffiti even quicker and more effective.

Work from the outside to the centre, rather than across the stain – therefore, the spot doesn’t spread to clean areas. For an even brick surface, treat large areas instead of only the outline of the graffiti.


Using a high pressure washer

High-pressure washers can remove graffiti from most surfaces – without the need for any detergents.​

Considering chemicals

Chemicals should be avoided, if possible. Removing graffiti with a high-pressure spray alone is better as chemicals can be too harsh for some surfaces. However, in cases where the graffiti has settled into the surface for longer than a few days, chemicals may help. Using chemicals will loosen the graffiti before it is pressure washed, making it easier to remove alongside using a pressure washer.


Products such as Nitromors will help to dissolve the paint or marker. You should apply the chemicals with your pressure washing, dialling down its pressure to around 80 psi in order to avoid driving the chemicals into the surfaces and leaving stains. Maintaining a lower pressure is important. Chemicals can be abrasive to your bricks – using the washer too aggressively can leave the graffiti’s pattern scratched or shadowed into the surface. Applying too much pressure will leave your brick uneven.


If you have too much trouble with shadowing, poor product performance or stubborn stains, calling a specialist in brick cleaning should be highly considered. A professional brick restoration company will have the tools and knowledge to remove all the graffiti in the safest way possible.

Is vandalism ruining your property? Follow our tips on brick cleaning and be astounded.​

How to remove graffiti from your wall​

​Graffiti doesn’t look good. Not unless it’s one of Banksy’s finest, such as his masterpiece ‘Girl with Red Balloon’, an iconic piece of art that shocked a nation. But when it’s a drawing of a man’s genitals scribbled by juvenile hooligans on their school break outside your office, or on a wall in your neighbourhood, it needs to go. Your office should portray professionalism inside and out – a graphitised brick wall won’t give this impression. As easy as it sounds, however, the process of removing graffiti involves multiple applications and lots of scrubbing. It requires time and effort. Hiring professionals in brickwork will ensure a graffiti-wall as well as squeaky-clean bricks.


Brick is porous. Paint sinks into the grooves on the surface, in which it is impossible to scrape off or sandblast. A brick restoration company will help. They will be able to leave the stone and bricks undamaged, but restore the original look of your property. However, if this isn’t possible, put together within this article are tips demonstrating a guide to remove graffiti from your wall without a professional brick restoration service.