Paint Removal in Dulwich

Is your paintwork looking shabby and discoloured? Old, peeling or messy paint on the exterior of your property can be removed. Our team of paint removal specialists at SA & SJ Brick Restoration understand the importance of first impressions, in which peeling, chipping and discolouration of paintwork on your home or business exterior will affect the look and feel of your property.


Having years of experience, our paint removal specialists in Dulwich will take time to remove layer upon layer of old paintwork, each layer removed slowly revealing your brickwork in its former glory. Choosing specialists will guarantee that your brickwork underneath isn’t damaged. The look and feel of your property will be completely transformed.


The process of paint removal in Dulwich adds value to your home or business, also preserving your brickwork. Risks of maintenance problems such as blown brickwork or damp areas formed inside are reduced, in which our professional services ensure that your brickwork will breathe naturally. Damp areas are formed by even the smallest cracks in your brickwork. Without using our experts, your property risks moisture seeping into your brickwork, gradually eroding the face of the brick.


Using professionals to remove your paintwork is cleaner and safer than attempting methods yourself. We have the appropriate tools and knowledge to remove paintwork in the most undamaging way possible. Our experts will apply a specially formulated paint remover to your brickwork, dissolving the paintwork on your bricks. Often, the process is repeated due to the thickness or amount of layer of paint on your brickwork. Once the paint removal steps have taken place, our brick restoration specialists will gently but thoroughly clean your bricks with a blasting solution, removing all residues such as carbon and dirt from your brickwork. As well as removing paint, our team will ensure the cleanliness of your bricks – restoring them back to their original colours.


Using a brick restoration company to remove unwanted paint ensures the safest, cleanest removal possible. Is your paintwork beginning to peel? We are more than willing to help. Call us on 07947473542 to find out the way in which we can benefit your home.


Our paint removal services in Dulwich