Paint Removal in Tooting

Paint Removal West Kilburn

Old, peeling paint isn’t a good look. The condition of your bricks has an important impact on your house’s aesthetics. Peeling or discoloured paint will make your house look scruffy and uninviting. At SA & SJ Brick Restoration, our professional paint removers understand the importance of first impressions. Therefore, we offer paint removal services across West Kilburn and surrounding areas. As opposed to attempting DIY methods yourself, it is imperative that our experts are called. Our specialists acquire the equipment, knowledge and capability to remove paint from your bricks in the most undamaging, safest possible way.


As soon as peeling paint is discovered, action must be taken. Leaving a paint-peeling brick wall will have scary consequences. Saving your response until later may lead to brick erosion, where your bricks underneath the paint will crumble and deteriorate. Taking action by using DIY methods can also have scary consequences. Using paint removal methods found online could cause serious health problems. The tools needed are damaging; the smell from paint and removers can irritate skin and cause dizziness, and some methods can even risk lead poisoning. Methods at home can be fatal. Don’t risk such serious health issues to you and your household. Call our professionals instead – we have the tools necessary to prevent health issues and remove paint.


With years of experience, our paint removal experts in West Kilburn will take time to remover layer upon layer of brickwork until it’s back to its former glory. Being experts in their field, our paint removers at SA & SJ Brick Restoration know how much liquid to use and the length of time required to leave the paint. Attempting to remove paint yourself using methods that involve heat could cause lead poisoning. When applying heat to layers of paint containing lead, it might be ingested without knowing. Our paint removers are skilled enough to shield your household from this scary risk – and will exceed your expectations by providing outcomes that are second-to-none.


Peeling paint has consequences. If left, peeling leads to cracking. Cracked paint will allow moisture to seep into your brickwork, gradually eroding the face of your bricks. As soon as peeling paint is discovered, we urge you to call a professional. The process of paint removal services adds value to your home or business in West Kilburn, and preserves your brickwork. Investing in such will allow your brickwork to breathe naturally, helping to reduce the risk of future maintenance costs. Maintenance issues include blown brickwork and forming of damp areas inside your home, which can provoke the growth of mould.


During the process of paint removal, our experts at SA & SJ Brick Restoration in West Kilburn will apply a specially formulated paint remover to your brickwork. Once the paint removal steps have taken place, our brick restoration specialists will gently but thoroughly clean your bricks with a blasting solution, removing all residues such as carbon and dirt from your brickwork. As well as removing paint, our team will ensure the cleanliness of your bricks – restoring them back to their original colours. All removed paint will be taken away from the brickwork by the way of our industrial vacuums, ensuring that you, your family and your property in West Kilburn are at no risk.


If you discover that your paint is peeling, do not hesitate to call a professional. We absolutely urge you to take action ASAP – before it’s too late. Our experts at SA & SJ Brick Restoration will remove all peeling paint in the safest possible way, in homes across West Kilburn. Call us on… for a free quote.