If you need old, peeling, discoloured or messy paint removed from the outside of your home or business properties then you have come to the right place. Our team of paint removal specialists here at SA & SJ Brick Restoration understand that first impressions count and peeling, chipped, discoloured or old paintwork on the outside of the home can really affect the look and feel of a property.


We have many years experience dealing with paint removal in London and although it is an incredibly time consuming and messy part of the brick restoration work we do in London; it is also a very rewarding job when we see the final result.


Our specialist paint removers in London will take the time to remove layer upon layer of the old paintwork, taking care not to damage the brickwork underneath. As each layer of paint is slowly removed from the brickwork it will reveal the brickwork in all its former glory, completely changing the look and feel of your domestic or commercial property.


The process of paint removal in London will add value to your home or business property and will also help to preserve the brickwork of your property. Through the paint removal process you will allow the brickwork to breathe naturally which will help to reduce the risk of future maintenance costs further to blown brickwork or damp areas forming through the inside of the property. Even the smallest of cracks in your brickwork paint will allow moisture to seep into the brickwork and gradually erode the face of the brick.


If you need our paint removal services in London we would recommend that a site survey takes place to give you an exact quote, however we can quote from photographs of the area where work is required, prior to commencing work.


Our expert paint removal specialists will apply a specially formulated paint remover to the brickwork which will slowly dissolve the paintwork on your bricks. Sometimes this process will need to be repeated, dependant on the thickness of the paint or the amount of layer of the paint on your brickwork.


Once the paint removal has taken place our paint removal experts will then give your brickwork a gentle blasting which will remove all residues such as carbon and other dirt from your brickwork. This cleaning treatment will restore the bricks back to their original colours.


All removed paint will be taken away from the brickwork by way of our industrial vacuums safely, ensuring that you, your staff, your family and your property are at no risk at all. Why not call us now to see what we can do for you?

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