1. Determine what material you're dealing with:


If you have vandalised brickwork or metal; then your safest option would be to contact our team of professionals to handle the graffiti issue. Our experts have dealt with many graffiti removals in and around London and we understand the high expectations needed to perform a cleaning project effectively.


We can carefully restore the beauty underneath the graffiti without damaging the underlying material. This is because we offer gentle abrasive methods which leave your home looking brand new. However if you're dealing with graffiti on plastic, wood or other absorbent materials then we have solutions in place to help you deal with the issue. 



2. Removing graffiti from metal: 


You will need to have paint thinner or light penetrating oil to start with as these will be your main abrasive products. Apply the substance to the area and try to remove the colours as effectively as possible – if paint still remains after, then try using bronze wool or light sand paper to remove access colouration. If you wanted a quick and more effective method however, our team has the expert knowledge needed to provide exceptional results without leaving any blemishes. 



3. Removing graffiti from wood:


If the wooden material isn’t covered by a protective sealant and is still deemed sturdy, then removing the spray paint with mineral spirits will be your best option – however the porous material can easily absorb the chemicals. If such a method does not clean the wood effectively, then you may have to resort to painting over the graffiti. 



4. Removing graffiti from brickwork/masonry:


Due to the absorbent properties of such materials, painting over the graffiti would be the best D.I.Y method. However, this process can lead to paint racking in the long run revealing the coloured graffiti underneath which will be an eyesore upon first impressions. If your property is stained with spray paint then the best, most reliable answer to your problems would be with SA & SJ Brick Restoration. 

Our team of brick-cleaning professionals have dedicated years to restoring the life of people’s domestic and commercial properties, we understand all aspects of graffiti removal, leading our results to always be above and beyond our customer expectations.


SA & SJ Brick Restoration actively insist on using soda blasting methods to clean buildings as the process is environmentally-friendly and removes the worry of harmful inhalation of pollution. Soda blasting is also considerably more effective than common sand blasting methods; this is because the products used for sandblasting actually damage the surface it is applied to, leaving behind blemishes even if the graffiti is removed


Our services restore the beauty of properties, erasing the mess left behind by spray paint vandals. We understand that your home or businesses will be one of the biggest investments in your life which is why for an affordable price we exist to restore its’ aesthetic quality. If you have a graffiti problem then do not hesitate to contact our friendly professionals. Let us happily do the hard work and you can sit back and watch your property come back to life. 

Removing Graffiti From a surface

Graffiti, sometimes people deem it art, sometimes we question how they even reach such a place, but one of the main questions is how do you get rid of it? Graffiti is a form of vandalism to many property owners – the offenders damage their buildings by leaving behind spray painted imagery, which is impossible to remove with basic washing methods.


Brickwork is a beautiful structure of materials, which provides any building with durability and great, aesthetically pleasing qualities. However despite the many benefits they harbour – bricks are of a porous build. With such a property, spray paint easily stains brickwork and other absorbent materials such as concrete. If you have the right equipment and are willing to follow our dependable guide of removing graffiti, then take a look at our informative blog to help assist you with your project.