What is lintel?

It may sound like a seed mixed in food, but we strongly recommended not eating it – it is not a lentil! Instead, it’s a structural beam placed across openings such as doors and windows underneath your bricks. These beams are steel support sections called lintels that support your masonry. Similar to bricks, lintel is highly durable. However, even the strongest material won’t last forever. Over time, lintel deterioration is a concern.​

How to detect lintel deterioration​

Mortar cracks might be an early sign of lintel deterioration. Usually, cracks will begin at the upper corners of masonry openings such as doors and windows. If still left untreated, the cracks will lead to water infiltration. Water infiltration will cause the lintel to rust, thus leading to the steel expanding – a process known as rust jacking. Lintel that has begun to rust jack will appear to bow – particularly over windows and doors. In summary, look for bowing, warping, cracking and displacement of brick (in severe cases) – typically above your doors and windows.​

Ignoring initial signs of deterioration will lead to worse problems in time. As more rust is built up on lintels, they will dramatically expand. Severe neglect could lead to them becoming up to ten times their original size. Lintels will become weak and contribute to adding potential damaging pressure on masonry units. As the weight continues to be piled onto parts of your masonry, it will eventually have expensive and incredibly damaging effects on the entire structure of your building.​


Not only will this damage be expensive, but also it is dangerous. As lintel rusts and the steel expands, masonry units may become loose – and even begin to fall. Would you want your family living in a house with a damaged structure?

Catch it early – else problems will worsen​

If you find yourself worried about lintel deterioration on your home, ask for expert advice. Our professionals at SA & SJ Brick Restoration will determine how far the lintel deterioration has progressed and eliminate masonry damage. Leaving it untreated and refraining from calling a professional is dangerous for you, your household and even bystanders. With lintel deterioration, your bricks will crumble, and could fall onto a pedestrian or a member of your family! Prevent fatal hazards by using an experienced company.​

Use a professional​

Avoid attempting repair work yourself. Our experts acquire the skills, knowledge and tools to fix your bricks in the safest possible way. Don’t put yourself at risk – a trained professional will resolve the problem.​

What is lintel deterioration and how do I manage it?​

You may have not heard of lintel. Most people haven’t. At SA & SJ Brick Restoration, we want to educate you on what lintel is and the dangers that is has when damaged. Though durable and strong, lintel won’t last forever and deteriorates over time – a reason that we believe all homeowners should be aware of lintel. Knowing exactly what lintel is and how to detect its deterioration will prevent worse problems later. SA & SJ Brick Restoration aims to inform all of the consequences of lintel, and the ways in which we can help.​